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May 2024 Featured Report: Cell Line Engineering
Cell Line Engineering

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Tangential Flow Filtration
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Optimizing Efficiency in High-Concentration Biopharmaceutical Production


Insider Daily: BioProcess International Europe

‘Scale’ up? Expert champions mAbs to treat snake bites

Scientists are researching the use of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to develop snake antivenom, which is notorious for being an especially complex drug target.

Therapeutic ClassPluripotent positives in allogeneic stem cell therapies

The use of pluripotent stem cells is gaining traction when it comes to allogeneic cell therapies, said an expert today at BPI Europe in Vienna, Austria.

Deal MakingPerfect match: Picking your CDMO is like a marriage, says Bayer

Amid the ever ongoing insource vs outsource debate, Bayer told BPI Europe delegates to treat the process of selecting your partner “like a marriage.”

Upstream & Downstream ProcessingBoehringer: New modalities driving paradigm shift in biomanufacturing

The “third wave” of biologics incorporates highly diverse modalities with a range of complexities triggering a paradigm shift in manufacturing, says Boehringer Ingelheim.

Special Reports

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Microbial expression systems are crucial in developing innovative medicines and expanding development pipelines due to the broad range of molecule formats that can be obtained using this technology. However, this approach can be challenging as it requires a variety of manufacturing processes to handle these diverse molecule formats. This is where collaboration with an experienced organization comes into play. Boehringer Ingelheim, known for its proficiency in this technical domain, has a proven track record with 19 commercial microbial products and successful audits and regulatory compliance. The company's commitment to quality and flexibility in implementing production processes make it a reliable partner. Its technology-platform neutrality also simplifies technology and process transfers. Fill out the form below to read the full report.

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As vaccine modalities abound, this special report provides a consolidated overview of a variety of chromatographic purification tools for various vaccine modalities, such as virus-like particles (VLPs), viral vectors, recombinant protein subunits, and mRNA-based vaccines. This includes a successful protein-based malaria vaccine production process highlighting the use of the C-tag affinity tag system as a versatile tool for the detection and purification of therapeutic recombinant proteins. Next, it explores the scalable purification of mRNA-based vaccines, such as those deployed against COVID-19, with the application of POROS(TM) Oligo(dT)25 affinity resin. Further, cation exchange chromatography tools are highlighted by the purification of VLPs against human papillomavirus (HPV) using POROS(TM) HS50 resin. Additionally, the baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) for insect-cell expression of recombinant proteins is presented, with a focus on VLP manufacturing and purification tools, showcasing the c...

Ask the Expert Webcasts

Repligen XCell® Large Scale System
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This webcast features: Jan Ott , Research Associate, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management. The current focus in industry and research is on the process intensification of biopharmaceutical production processes. In the upstream process, one promising approach is to switch from fed-batch to perfusion mode, which promises higher productivity. In this collaboration project, an XCell® ATF 6 Single-Use Device operated with the XCell® LS Controller was combined with the Thermo Scientific 50 L HyPerforma™ DynaDrive™ Single-Use Bioreactor. To demonstrate the scalability, the process was also carried out in a 2 L glass bioreactor with an XCell® ATF 2 Single-Use Device. Both cultivations were fully automated regarding bleed, harvest, and glucose control. In summary, the results presented show how highly productive production processes are possible with modern cell retention methods and innovative bioreactors. The scale transfer from laboratory to pilot scale was carried out successfully and comparable results...

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This webcast features: F. Michael Haller, PhD, Principal Scientist , Lonza Biologics & Dan Some, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist , Waters | Wyatt Technology. Downstream purification and enrichment of full capsids for AAV-based gene therapy products, along with aggregate removal, is typically accomplished by ion-exchange chromatography (IEX). Development of this process usually requires sending multiple fractions for offline analysis for each iteration of process conditions, creating a bottleneck that holds back time-to-market and burdens both the development and analytical teams. Real-time multi-angle light scattering (RT-MALS) is a process analytical technique that quantifies biophysical attributes of AAVs including Vg/Cp, titer and aggregation. RT-MALS provides immediate, high-density feedback on critical quality attributes (CQAs) during the chromatography run, eliminating burdensome offline analyses, and enables optimized control over the collection of purified product. This webcast will present RT-...