Introduction: Writing for BioProcess International

When you write for BioProcess International magazine, you are reaching 30,000+ (print, NA and EU) and about 50,000 (digital, global) readers in mid- to upper-level management, project managers, and team leaders working on all phases of the biopharmaceutical development process in the United States, Canada, and Europe. We address such topics as fermentation and cell culture, separation and purification, formulation, fill and finish, bioanalytical methods and assay development, product testing, contract services and outsourcing, partnering and other business issues, biotechnology industry careers, information technology, regulatory compliance, validation and quality issues, drug delivery — and many other issues relevant to practical applications of biotechnology to drug and therapeutic development. We are especially interested in manuscripts that examine progress in emerging therapeutic areas (regenerative medicines, antibody–drug conjugates, recombinant/therapeutic vaccines, biosimilars, and so on).

The Editor in Chief is delighted to receive unsolicited manuscripts — and also enjoys working with authors at the planning stages to ensure that their manuscripts have the best chance of successfully navigating our in-house and peer-review processes.

Each issue has a primary theme (upstream or downstream, for example) as well as a highlighted sub-theme that may appear in a separate section. When you are ready to discuss your topic and can estimate a submission date, please contact Cheryl Scott at [email protected]. She can answer additional questions about timing and suggest areas that can benefit from additional focus — including the types of examples that address the needs of BPI’s audience.

Discussing your paper with us ahead of time is, however, not required, and you may send your manuscript directly to us as soon as you are ready to seek out review comments. You do not need to specify a theme, issue, or magazine section – but that does help the editors accommodate your goals as much as possible.

Note that if you especially want your paper to appear in an issue that is distributed at a specific industry event, we will need to receive your text a full three to four months in advance; and it will need to succeed in the peer-review process, if applicable.

If you are especially interested in writing and/or scheduling an interview for one of our highlighted themes, special reports, epublications, etc., you may also contact managing editor Brian Gazaille at [email protected] or 1-212-600-3594.

For information on submitting materials for custom publishing projects such as Supplier Side articles and Special Report inserts, please review this sponsored content Addenda.

For information on submitting Industry 360 materials, please contact [email protected] or your regular BPI marketing contact.

For advertising deadlines, please refer to our Media Kit.