Navigating Biotherapeutic Complexity: Tailored Chromatography Resins to Enable Purification Success

Laurens Sierkstra

June 12, 2024

1 Min Read


The power of affinity chromatography is well-known as the workhorse of standard monoclonal antibody purification. However, as biopharmaceutical formats rapidly expand, normal affinity chromatographic tools may be unsuitable. Therefore, the creation of novel affinity chromatography resins tailored to a specific therapeutic is an excellent strategy for capturing product and removing impurities, improving yield, purity, and quality in a single step. 

In this article, we share a process for the creation of tailored affinity chromatography resins based on powerful ligand development and resin bead technology.  This process has a successful track-record of over 60 therapeutic targets across a variety of modalities, including enzymes, antibodies, viral vectors, nucleic acids, cell surface markers, and more. Dive into case studies, including resin development performance parameters for a carbohydrate impurity scavenging resin, amongst others.

Download this article to learn how this technique can streamline downstream processes, reduce manufacturing costs, and shorten time to market, by increasing yield and purity in a single chromatography step.

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