Payal Khandelwal, David Apiyoand 2 more

August 10, 2020

1 Min Read
High Productivity and Process Economy in GxP Applications with the Octet™ Platform

Octet platform poster

Using the label-free optical technique of Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), the Octet platform provides real-time analysis of molecular interactions. It relies on the robust and easy-to-use Dip and Read™ format, which provides faster time to results relative to technologies like ELISA and SPR. It also operates in a fluidics-free format, thereby minimizing the complexity in analyte detection by fluidics-based technologies like SPR. It provides high-throughput analysis, with the option of analyzing to 96 samples simultaneously, thereby increasing analytical productivity. It has high tolerance to a diverse array of sample types, making it compatible with in-process testing during drug substance manufacturing. In addition, the samples on analyzed on an Octet system can be reused for other analysis, minimizing depletion of precious samples and maximizing process economy. In this poster, we will describe multiple ways in which the Octet platform is well suited for GxP and QC applications.

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