China Investments and Licensing Deals

BPI Contributor

June 6, 2019

20 Min View
China Investments and Licensing Deals
WuXi Vaccines has been formed to support vaccines in China. Image: iStock/Golden_Brown

Date: Jun 5, 2019

Duration: 20 Min

Image: iStock/Golden_Brown

This webcast features: Dr. Linda Pullan, Founder, Pullan Consulting

China’s biopharmaceutical industry is continuing its growth momentum. This robust growth is boosted by continuous investment into the sector. A clear strategic indicator of the government’s intentions in biopharma and biologics has been the China’s investment in biopharma industrial hubs, which will have added more than USD $300 billion to the biological industry nationwide by 2020. In Part 2 of our series, Dr. Linda Pullan, Principal, Pullan Consulting, covers China investments, as well as advice for negotiating China deals.

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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