Advanced Analytical Strategies: From Protein Structure Characterization to Potency Assessment for Challenging Biologic Modalities

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June 27, 2024

1 Hr View
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Date: Jun 27, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

This webcast features: Tongdan Wang, PhD, Senior Director, Analytical Sciences, WuXi Biologics & Xinyuan Lu, PhD, Senior Director, Analytical Sciences, WuXi Biologics.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of biologics, especially for new modalities like antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and bispecific/multi-specific antibodies, detailed product characterization evaluation and appropriate potency assessment are crucial for ensuring product quality control and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

This webinar will dive deeper into the following topics:

Deciphering Protein Structure: Advancing Biologics Development Through Product Characterization

  • Analyze the biologics primary structure, such as CIEF-MS and sequence variant analysis toolboxes, with novel technologies.

  • Discover tailored approaches for in-depth characterization of ADC, BsAb, and more.

  • Examine phase-appropriate product characterization strategies during bioprocess development.

Revealing Biologics Efficacy: Advanced Strategies for Potency Assay Development for Multi-Specific Drugs

  • Learn about risk assessment and mitigation strategies for potency assay development across all drug development stages.

  • Delve into case studies highlighting potency method development for challenging new modalities including ADC, probodies, BsAb, and MsAbs.

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