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China's Emergence in Global Biopharma Manufacturing: Trends in the Chinese Biopharma Industry

BPI Contributor

November 5, 2019

20 Min View
China's Emergence in Global Biopharma Manufacturing: Trends in the Chinese Biopharma Industry

Date: Nov 5, 2019

Duration: 20 Min

This four-part educational series, sponsored by BioProcess International and BioPlan Associates, Inc., highlights key trends emerging in China biopharmaceuticals, using select content BioPlan Associates’ 2018 2nd edition report, Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China, 2nd Ed.

The quarterly series, each consisting of articles, an e-book, 40-min webcast, and live presentation at select BPI Events cover China’s Emergence in Global Biopharma Manufacturing: Trends in Chinese Biopharma Industry. The projects include an Overview, Developments in Biologics, Biosimilars, and Global Expansion. The series will cover key content from the 2nd Ed Advances in Biopharmaceutical Technology in China, a unique, peer-reviewed study that incorporates the research and work from over 100 global industry expert authors, many based in China. The market for biopharmaceuticals, supplies, services, and materials in China have expanded rapidly, as the government, investors, and companies, both domestic and international, have focused attention on the growing healthcare markets, and opportunities in China. The need for peer-reviewed insights into the current and future potential in China is required for the global industry to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding market.


China Biopharma Opportunities
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China aspires to become one of if not the leading country contributor to the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry by 2030. Large companies in this sector—both international firms expanding their own footprint within China and indigenous Chinese firms establishing both their internal and their global footprints—have witnessed double-digit growth for much of the past five to seven years. The global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry itself, not just that within China, has entered a period of substantial change. In Part 1 of our series, Michael Frizberg, President, CMAB – Switzerland and Hong Kong, will highlight key drivers and areas of growth in China biopharma today, as well as cover areas of opportunities for expansion and revenue in today’s markets


China Biopharma – A Hot Bed for Investments
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China’s biopharmaceutical industry is continuing its growth momentum. This robust growth is boosted by continuous investment into the sector. A clear strategic indicator of China’s intentions in biopharma and biologics has been the government’s investment in biopharma industrial hubs, which will have added more than USD $300 billion to the biological industry nationwide by 2020. In Part 2 of our series, Dr. Linda Pullan, Principal, Pullan Consulting, will cover China investments, as well as advice for negotiating China deals.


China’s GMP Strategies: Dealing with Quality Management Issues, to Compete with the West
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China’s biopharma sector faces multiple challenges in quality management, including lack of experience and talent, a rapidly changing regulatory environment, as well as cultural issues in management. In Part 3 of our series Fai Poon, President, QuaCell Biotech, Ltd., will cover China regulatory Issues, a review of current challenges in biopharma quality management in China, and opportunities for progress in this field with the growing CMO platforms and the emerging CQO business.


Bioprocessing Challenges and CMO Opportunities
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China’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing is significantly increasing, among domestic and international companies. Contract manufacturing services as well as those with potential to do so are rapidly changing as well. In Part 4 of our series, Dr. Scott Wheelwright, Co-Founder and Principal, Complya Asia, will provide an overview of factors affecting manufacturing, manufacturing trends by market, biopharmaceutical manufacturing in China among CMOs and developing companies.