Gamma Biosciences presented its tech companies at BWB and spoke about its role as a disruptor in the consolidated bioprocess sector.

Dan Stanton, Managing editor

October 3, 2022

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Star-spangled Gamma looks to disrupt the bioprocess space
Gamma Biosciences at BWB 2022

Date: Oct 3, 2022

Duration: 20 Min

Gamma Biosciences presented its portfolio of tech companies at Biotech Week Boston and spoke about its role as a disruptor in the consolidated bioprocess sector.

“Gamma was built on this notion that advanced therapy manufacturing to date has largely been served by the biologics industry; the technologies that have been brute forced into our industry to make things work and get products to market,” Gamma Biosciences’ CTO Phil Vanek told BioProcess Insider at BPI East – part of Biotech Week Boston 2022.

“But I think there is a recognition that things have to change. We have to find technologies that improve efficiency, capital utilization, facility utilization. So what we’re focused on is looking for technologies that can potentially be productive, solve a current problem in manufacturing today but necessarily will be able to scale with the future too.”

The KKR funded firm launched in January 2020 and has grown its portfolio of life science tools companies through a series of innovator acquisitions and investments – Astrea Bioseparations, Univercells, BioMagnetic Solutions, Mirus Bio, and Nirrin Technologies all sit under the Gamma umbrella, and were present at the event.

“We are highly focused on delivering on the technologies that we have, so a lot of the work we are doing is operational, driving product development rigor and pace into our business,” said Vanek.

“At the same time, we are always looking for what’s next and what’s disruptive. So if you are a technology-led company that is maybe looking for a good partnership, or a company that you don’t necessarily want to go to one of the large incumbents, then come talk to us at Gamma!”

The full interview is below:

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