A Comprehensive Solution


Innovative Viresolve Pro Family: Robust, productive, next generation

Quality and Manufacturing Expertise: Over 15 years of virus filter manufacturing experience; state-of-the-art membrane plant; comprehensive validation; raising the standard of performance and integrity tests

Industry-Leading Service and Support: Process development, optimization, and scale-up; leading the industry with spiking strategy and validation; services covering every stage of adoption

Building Assurance Test By Test (Figure 1)

No one does more than Millipore to help assure virus filter performance and compliance: end-user validation and testing; device 100% tests (newly patented binary gas test); device release tests; membrane release tests; and process and product validation.


Figure 1: ()

Key Benefits (Figure 2)

Process Robustness: Enables increased process robustness; protects against variability with respect to changes in solution conditions; relatively insensitive to stream plugging characteristics; limits the optimization required (superior template fit)


Figure 2: ()

Productivity: Enables high productivity, enhancing Viresolve Pro performance; increased mass capacities coupled with high protein flux; easy to install, test, and use; caustic stable; disposable flow path at all scales

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Stephanie McGary and Janice A. Lonardo are product managers at Millipore Corporation, 290 Concord Road, Billerica, MA 01821; 1-800-645-5476; www.millipore.com.

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