21-11-Vaccines-eBook-Cover-Border-231x300.pngThe rapid global response to the COVID-19 pandemic showed how remarkably fast vaccine development can be with a coordinated effort from biopharmaceutical companies, government organizations, regulatory agencies, and public institutions. Although some of the world’s most prolific diseases are more complex than COVID-19 coronavirus, growing infrastructural and financial support are enabling scientists to make breakthroughs in diseases that seemed insurmountable only a decade ago in underserved regions around the world. And with accelerated discover times thanks to advanced technologis such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the future of vaccines has never been more promising. In this eBook, BioProcess Insider’s Millie Nelson overviews the state of vaccine manufacturing in Africa, highlighting significant investments, facilities, and developments.  Next, BioProcess International’s Josh Abbott discusses malaria vaccine development, manufacturing, and distribution with the director of the European Vaccine Initiative. And finally, authors from Biopharma Excellence describe how artificial intelligence is assisting efforts in vaccine innovation.

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