Mirus Bio has introduced the RevIT adeno-associated virus (AAV) Enhancer, which it says can deliver a 2-4x increase in AAV titers.

Millie Nelson, Editor

August 17, 2023

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Mirus launches AAV tech to increase titers and slash costs

Mirus Bio has introduced the RevIT adeno-associated virus (AAV) Enhancer, which it says can deliver a 2-4x increase in AAV titers.

According to the firm, the system can work across different serotypes, including growth media, cells lines, and transfection reagents. Additionally, Mirus says that the enhancer can significantly minimize manufacturing costs while doubling the doses that can be made in a single bioreactor run.

Moreover, the firm claims the enhancer can increase AAV titers by 2-4x in suspension 293 cells. It is also possible to use the enhancer alongside the firm’s VirusGEN transfection platform and its polymer-only transfection reagents. The RevIT Enhancer improved titers across all AAV serotypes that have been tested by Mirus to date.



 “As our second-generation enhancer, we designed RevIT specifically to broaden its utility across many different AAV manufacturing processes,” said Laura Juckem, vice president, R&D at Mirus Bio.

“We also designed it to be easy to implement in existing workflows. One of our customers has used the enhancer to produce capsids for several gene therapy assets representing different AAV serotypes and transgene sizes. The RevIT Enhancer was added to their upstream processes with little to no changes in cells, media, transfection time, or cell density.”

Lower prices and double doses

Through having the capability to significantly increase AAV titer using the RevIT technology, this results in cost savings and higher doses produced. The firm has conducted a cost modeling study and found that through using the VirusGEN platform in combination with the RevIT Enhancer, the cost per dose of an AAV-based gene therapy is reduced by up to 50% compared to the use of VirusGEN alone in a 200 L bioreactor.

“High yield virus production is required to advance gene therapy by meeting total demand and enabling more cost-effective manufacturing,” said Dale Gordon, CEO of Mirus Bio.

“With the ability to increase AAV titer, reduce manufacturing costs, and double the doses that can be produced in a single bioreactor run, the RevIT Enhancer helps to address some of the fundamental cost and yield challenges facing today’s gene therapy industry.”

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