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December 7, 2021

1 Min Read
Whitepaper: Intensifying Upstream Processing - Implications for Media Management

Process intensification offers many benefits but implementing PI can introduce an unexpected challenge of managing larger media volumes. This whitepaper helps ensure your implementation strategy accounts for the increased media volume associated with process intensification.

What You Will Learn
Gain the tools and knowledge needed to confidently assess intensification options with a focus on media management for new or existing facilities.
Follow the media journey from prep to use, exploring potential logistical pitfalls in the management of increased media volumes associated with process intensification.
See how the right equipment and platforms make a difference in media management through facility footprint studies in multiple process scenarios.

Don’t let managing increased media volumes be the barrier between you and successful upstream process intensification. Download this whitepaper to explore media management strategies when intensifying new and existing facilities.

Click here to download this white paper.

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