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We Know Bioprocessing

Claudia M. Huether

August 15, 2014

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Through the combined strengths of the New Brunswick™ and DASGIP® product portfolios, Eppendorf now has the product portfolio and expertise to provide an outstanding range of premium equipment and single-use solutions to meet all needs.

A New Scale of Bioprocessing

From the parallel mini bioreactor system DASbox for early stage bioprocess development to the benchtop and parallel bioreactor systems for laboratory scale and the sterilize-in-place solutions for production, Eppendorf offers industry and research users its extensive bioprocess solutions from a single source while meeting the highest quality demands.

Eppendorf Bioprocess Software: Much More Than Just Bioprocess Control

Eppendorf offers BioCommand® and DASGIP Control supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software packages for advanced bioprocess control. next-generation bioprocess management is provided by the comprehensive DASware software suite.

The BioCommand software for New Brunswick line controllers enhances your ability to monitor, control, and log data from your fermentation and cell culture processes through your PC. Three distinct packages provide the tools needed for research, optimization, and security and audit trails.

DASGIP Control software was designed for parallel cultivation with individual control of each bioreactor. It features truly parallel processing, online configurable control parameters, profiles, and tracking. Automated data export, advanced reporting, and data processing are supported by Microsoft® Excel® add-in and professional Microsoft® SQL Server®-based database.

The DASware software was designed as a suite of smart and flexible software solutions to accelerate bioprocess development. It enables interconnectivity with external laboratory devices, comprehensive data and information management, design of experiments (DoE), and remote control of bioprocesses. DASware can be used with any Eppendorf benchtop bioreactor solution as well as third-party bioreactor controllers.


FIGURE 1: The Eppendorf 3S value proposition

BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels: Dependability Through Proven Design

With renowned polymer expertise, Eppendorf is proud to offer the largest portfolio of rigid-walled, stirred-tank, single-use vessels in small and bench scale for operation with parallel DASbox mini bioreactor system, DASGIP parallel bioreactor system, or New Brunswick bench-scale systems. BioBLU single-use vessels are designed for cultivating human cells, animal cells, and stem cells. With the BioBLU product line, Eppendorf offers single-use solutions that perfectly match the demands of microbial fermentation. Adapter kits are also available for third-party bioprocess systems. They are easy to install and compatible with popular Applikon® and Sartorius® autoclavable bioprocessing systems.

Claudia M. Huether-Franken is marketing and communications manager at Eppendorf Bioprocess Center Europe;

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