Up the game for ADC analysis

ADC analysis strategies tackle the characterization of the more structurally complex ADC, providing the next level of therapeutics.

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November 13, 2023

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Up the game for ADC analysis

ADC analysis strategies tackle the characterization of the more structurally complex antibody drug conjugates (ADC) that provide the next level of therapeutics to combat specific conditions.

These molecules have greater heterogeneity compared to unconjugated proteins and have a variable number of linkers and payloads. This enhances the number of proteoforms, making characterization more challenging.

Take control of the information with MS and CE-based solutions designed to address the complexity of these next-generation therapeutics with increased speed and detail.

Untangle the charge heterogeneity information of an intact ADC

Charge heterogeneity is present in most biopharmaceutical protein products. For ADCs, the antibody, linker and payload all contribute to the heterogeneity, adding complexity to the charge variant profiles.

An integrated icIEF-UV/MS workflow enables the simple determination of charge variant profiles while reducing resources and accelerating development timelines. Determine what is driving the change in the charge profile–the payload, the linker or the monoclonal antibody (mAb).

  • Reduce charge heterogeneity analysis workflow from weeks to minutes

  • Elucidate critical post-translational modifications (PTMs) including glycosylation, deamidation and linker modifications

  • Enable mass identification of charge variants and modifications on intact ADCs

  • Monitor charged modifications on ADC payload in near real-time

When characterizing their ADCs, AstraZeneca’s scientists saw an unexpected shift in their cIEF profiles. What was causing this? Find out how AstraZeneca was able to untangle the information using  the Intabio ZT system in this webinar: Discover new strategies >

Take control of information on ADC quality

Drug antibody ratio (DAR) information is essential for assessing the quality of ADCs. Be clear on what you have. Understand ADC drug loading profiles with high throughput and intuitive LC/MS and CE solutions for DAR monitoring at the intact protein level.

  • Complete solution for acquisition and tracking of DAR changes

  • High-throughput DAR monitoring for large sample sets

  • DAR quantitation and monitoring on compliance-ready software

Read more: https://sciex.li/wjf4tk

Build on a strong backbone

ADCs are complex molecules consisting of an antibody chemically tethered to a drug payload. While the complexity of the association is important to understand, the raw material itself is also fundamental to the success of the method of action and requires characterization. Accelerate ADC analysis with characterization of raw materials using high-throughput CE-based workflows.

  • High-throughput assays for purity, charge heterogeneity and N-linked glycans

  • Reduce method development time with parallel processing

With an integrated icIEF-UV/MS workflow, a single 30-minute run can determine the identity of multiple PQAs and stability indicating PTMs. Discover how in this webinar presented by Merck, and learn how the Intabio ZT system can be incorporated into biologics discovery and development as a platform method enabling intact level monitoring of multiple modalities. 

Up your game for ADC analysis with innovative analytical strategies presented by leaders in the field >

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