Tris, a Critical Raw Material: Improving the Quality and Consistency of Supply

Cheryl Scott

December 21, 2021

1 Min Read

11-12-21-CR-Cover-TRIS-Wide-1-229x300.pngANGUS Life Sciences is the world’s largest supplier of tromethamine buffers and the only manufacturer of the tris molecule based in the Western hemisphere. The company sells directly to biopharmaceutical customers and contract manufacturing organizations as well as to reprocessors who repackage the chemical or process it into different grades and derivatives. After recent expansions in both the United States and Germany, the company now boasts dual-source manufacturing capabilities for its highest-purity tris products and is confident about its ability to support the biopharmaceutical market over the next four or five years. Along with strengthening supplies, ANGUS recently introduced the TRIS AMINO AC advanced crystal buffer, a next-generation form of the tris molecule that is less prone to clumping and hardness. In this custom report, BPI’s senior technical editor provides some background about tris and its manufacture. Then she speaks with David Neuberger, president and chief executive officer of ANGUS Chemical Company, about its TRIS AMINO AC product, facility expansions, and future outlook.

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