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Tools For Early-Stage Purification Development of Filtration Operations

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17-7-pendotech-figure-300x150.pngDetailed early-stage development of filtration unit operations is critical to achieving a robust and reliable full-scale process. Despite the importance of this type of development work, fully evaluating a specific unit operation often can be difficult because of time constraints and a lack of material available for experimentation. As a result, a laboratory must have the proper equipment required to conduct efficient, high-throughput experiments. PendoTECH® has developed the ideal tools to address these types of challenges and enable laboratories to quickly and efficiently evaluate a wide range of filters and conditions.

There are two main types of processes these systems work to automate: normal-flow filtration (NFF) and tangential-flow filtration (TFF). Both types of filtration are ubiquitous in biopharmaceutical processing and are used frequently for unit operations such as harvest, virus removal, concentration steps, and buffer exchange. To optimize each step, the proper filter size and filter characteristics must be selected. The PendoTECH normal-flow filtration screening system and PendoTECH five-station TFF screening system were designed to allow users to conduct multiple small-scale experiments to reduce the amount of time required to run all elements of an experiment.

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