Three Ways to Successfully Scale-Up Your Bioprocessing Production

BPI Contributor

September 28, 2020

1 Min Read
Three Ways to Successfully Scale-Up Your Bioprocessing Production

When developing a biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, an R&D or process development team may fall into the trap of developing a process in the lab which is difficult to scale to work with larger volumes in production, leading to delays and costly additional development later on.

It is therefore crucial that, where possible, technology is used at small-scale which can be scaled alongside the process in a consistent manner. Taking a thoughtful and strategic approach can help biopharmaceutical products get to market faster and with fewer complications, offering tangible value for stakeholders at all levels.

Fortunately, scalable single-use technologies and automated methodologies make this task more accessible and rewarding than ever. This white paper outlines three important steps R&D scientists, production engineers and other bioprocessing specialists can take to facilitate a smoother and more efficient tech transfer.

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