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The Experts in Noninvasive Liquid Flow Measurement Via the Ultrasound Transit Time Method

Hubert Jakob

August 10, 2017

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emtec_LOGO_3-300x90.gifGermany-based em-tec GmbH has been developing and manufacturing products and components for the medical and bioprocessing industry for decades. With many years of experience, em-tec has become known as a strong partner for consulting, development, and production focusing on noninvasive flow measurement systems using the ultrasound transit time principle. The long-established and medically certified bidirectional clamp-on flow measurement system for liquids has been adapted for the special needs of the good manufacturing practice (GMP)–oriented bioprocessing industry.

The Flow Measurement System for Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical Processes The BioProTT™ flow measurement system consists of a disinfectable Clamp-On transducer and a FlowTrack flowmeter with the measuring electronics. Flexible tubing can be easily inserted into the Clamp-On transducer. After the lid is closed, the measurement can start without splicing the tubing lines. There is never contact between the sensor and the measured medium. The sterility of the process is inherently ensured by the system design, making it ideal for processes with high hygienic requirements and single-use applications. That also ensures that users are not exposed to toxic or similarly dangerous substances when incorporating flow measurement into a bioreactor set-up.

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