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Test our GMP media for your T and HEK cells

Sartorius offers a wide range of high-quality media and critical raw materials to help you find the best formulation for T and HEK cells.

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November 28, 2023

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Test our GMP media for your T and HEK cells

At Sartorius, we offer a wide range of high-quality media and critical raw materials. We help you find the best formulation for your processes by offering expert support for media and services. Our comprehensive services, along with this, can help you quickly commercialize your product.

It can be difficult to grow and activate T cells in culture. Maintaining their functionality and preventing exhaustion is also challenging.

To overcome this challenge, we suggest using the correct cell culture media, optimized activation, and expansion protocols along with specific antigen-presenting cells, cytokines, and serum-free, xeno-free culture conditions.

Our 4Cell® Nutri-T media promotes T cell expansion while preserving their critical functions. This means that you can harness the potential of T cells without pushing them to exhaustion or overactivation.

It is an optimized serum-free and xeno-free formulation that supports the expansion and differentiation of T cells and offers high cell yield and reproducibility. Our application data demonstrate that Nutri-T offers superior performance in the expansion and cultivation of T cells, CAR-Ts, TILs, and PBMCs for clinical applications.

Using a serum-free and xeno-free medium reduces the risks associated with serum and improves the regulatory burden for clinical applications. And if your T cells are derived from stem cell sources like iPSCs, a serum-free medium also offers more control over differentiation.

It is manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines, and the DMF will be available soon. It is available in one-litre bottles and bags, with scale-up and customization capabilities to meet your needs.

We offer CellGenix® TCM to help expand and grow your T cells, CAR-T, and Tregs. This solution helps the growth and development of highly functional T cells. It shows high transduction efficiency and can be used in static and stirred bioreactors.

It’s compatible with any stage of your process, from preclinical to commercialized therapies. It is manufactured under GMP guidelines, serum-free and xeno-free, and the only human-derived component is human serum albumin. Its DMF will be available soon.

We currently offer CellGenix® GMP TCM in a 500 mL bottle, and we have plans to launch a one-liter bag. In addition to the bag, it will come with PVC tubing to support easy implementation directly into a closed system.

Sartorius has an all-in-one HEK293 media portfolio, with four media and one feed for Gene Therapies. All are GMP-compliant, chemically defined, animal component-free, serum-free, protein-free, and hydrolysate-free.

Our media can be used for suspension cultures of HEK293 cells and other human cell lines. That includes GMP manufacturing of adeno-associated virus (AAV) for gene therapy, lentiviral vectors for gene-modified cell therapy, and viral vaccines. You can perform different production methods using transient transfection, stable expression, or infection.

You can use the feed for more demanding processes like fed-batch or perfusion.

Our HEK media was developed with different growth factors and nutrient levels to accommodate various HEK293 cell lines, multiple AAV serotypes, lentiviral vectors, and several common transfection reagents.

It is simpler to accelerate your cell line and media screening with our preoptimized, all-in-one media portfolio. Our flexible batch and packaging sizes, along with options for liquid and powder formats, enable you to scale up to manufacturing seamlessly. You can use the media in a GMP bioprocess with our high-quality single-use bags.

Our HEK media can be customized for specific cell line behaviors. Our expert team from R&D can work with you to create a solution that enhances the yield of your process.

Find out more and request your sample.

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