Streamline Manufacturing of Antibody-Based Therapeutics with Novel Purification Approaches

Laurens Sierkstra

November 29, 2023

1 Min Read

21-11-SS-Thermo-AbPuri-Cover-Border-230x300.pngThe global market for antibody therapeutics is rising rapidly as newer, engineered modalities such as bispecific antibodies and antibody fragments are entering clinical studies in record numbers.

Protein A affinity chromatography has been widely adopted for the purification of traditional therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) by binding to the Fc region. However, with the development of novel engineered antibody formats lacking that region, protein A often underperforms or fails completely. Downstream process scientists are tasked to evaluate and implement alternative solutions for the capture step.  Affinity chromatography resins have been developed specifically to address this challenge by binding other antibody-subdomain regions. That can provide improved performance in the purification process of new molecular formats, expanding the downstream purification toolbox for antibody therapeutics.

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  • A novel affinity chromatography ligand technology developed to address today’s challenges in the antibody therapeutics workflow

  • Gains in efficiency achieved using affinity chromatography resins that target various antibody subdomains for engineered antibody formats.

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