Single-Use Technology in Upstream Processing: A Roundtable Discussion

17-6-SSB_NA_SR-223x300.jpgThe Sartorius upstream portfolio addresses key strategic challenges facing the biopharmaceutical industry:

  • Increased speed to clinic/market and lowered capital costs, with improved process control.

  • Fully scalable, proven process solutions for cell line, media, and process development through commercial manufacturing accelerate upstream development and simplify manufacturing.

  • Novel high-throughput development tools for intensified processes incorporate the latest in process analytics, multivariate data analysis (MVDA), and design of experiments (DoE) software tools.

These tools are designed to compress development timelines and to scale rapidly for commercial production, with unprecedented levels of control. Commercial-scale solutions with intensified seed trains and standard integrated platforms reduce facility footprint and capital expenditures while compressing design–build timelines.

Recently, Cheryl Scott, senior technical editor, BioProcess International, spoke with several product specialists at Sartorius Stedim Biotech North America about a number of these topics.

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