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October 3, 2022

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Revolutionizing Cell Culture with Cryopreserved Pre-Plated Cell Monolayers

Cell monolayers are an ideal method and widely used in the discovery of new drug compounds and the study of cell biology. Until now, there was no cryopreservation technology available to store cell banks pre-plated commercially. The conventional approach of cell-based assay workflow was time- and resource-consuming. Now, the cryoprotectant technology CryoShield™ from CryoLogyx together with the controlled and scalable plate freeze-thaw platform RoSS.pFTU from Single Use Support, mark a revolution in commercial cell banking: Cryopreserved Thaw and Use Cell Plates improve the process of preparing cell cultures to carry out cell-based experiments to a large extent.

Study results confirm a consistent and uniform high ratio of live cell recovery after cryopreservation of cells with accelerated cell-based process workflow. Labs benefit greatly from on demand access to cell-based assays by simplified workflows and highest flexibility. This on demand access to cell-based assays increases significantly the range and amount of experiments they can carry out in the same time. Read the application note to see study results and to learn more about the effect of controlled and scalable freezing to achieve advanced process solutions with cryopreserved pre-plated cell monolayers.

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