Retrofitting Your Bioreactor to Enhance Stirring Processes: Replacing Old Agitators with State-of-the-Art Magnetic Mixing Technology

Nicole Zangl

June 10, 2020

1 Min Read

18-6-SR-Zeta-P1-300x224.pngA key challenge for companies involved in drug development is to meet the highest standards of sterile design and reliability. In this context, magnetic mixers offers many advantages for aseptic stirring processes compared to mechanically sealed agitators.
ZETA not only supplies magnetic agitators for new bioreactors, but also supports its customers through the entire retrofitting process, from feasibility studies at the beginning to full process qualification and validation at the end.

“Combat the risk of batch contamination in bioreactors and mixing vessels by replacing mechanically sealed agitators with magnetically driven technology,” comments Nicole Zangl, Senior Expert and Product Developer for Magnetic Mixers at ZETA.

Nicole Zangl informs on main advantages of magnetic agitators and illustrates the easy retrofit from conventional to the state-of-the-art magnetic mixers for aseptic stirring. The motivated specialist gives further insights into how ZETA can support the retrofitting process of your bioreactor.

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Nicole Zangl is product manager of mixing technology at Zeta; [email protected]; 43-664-808-528-401;

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