Recombinant Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy Research: A Conversation with Shenandoah Biotechnology

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19-10-SS-Shenandoah-Cover-229x300.pngRecombinant proteins such as growth factors and cytokines are essential for cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine research, development and manufacturing. These proteins are critical in the production of desired cell types and subsequent differentiation of cells, to deliver the desired effect.

Founded 15 years ago, Shenandoah Biotechnology applies a proprietary method of folding and purifying recombinant proteins from both bacterial and mammalian systems to enable cost-effective, large-scale production of Cell Therapy Grade proteins to support these groundbreaking treatments. The company’s product portfolio includes human interleukins such as IL-2, IL-7, IL-15, and IL-21 as well as TGF-β1, FGF2, and other growth factors to support the ex vivo culture of cells.

In this article, BPI speaks with Pamela De Lacy, president of Shenandoah about the benefits offered by their approach to production of these proteins and their new 15,000-ft2 current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) production facility. De Lacy also describes her company’s commitment to social responsibility as a way to say thank you to their community and loyal customers.

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