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Rapid Process Optimization with Customizable Single-Use Bioreactors: The Bioreactor That Adapts to Your Bioprocess

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17-7-applikon-figure2-300x170.pngTo enhance their performance, life science specialists require flexibility in their work and tools. The increasing diversity of bioprocess applications calls for different cultivation methods. Therefore, being able to customize processes and equipment is a significant advantage. With over 45 years of experience in customizable multi-use bioreactors, Applikon Biotechnology now provides the same flexibility with customizable single-use

The AppliFlex ST bioreactor is a fully configurable, stirred-tank, single-use bioreactor that can be designed to specific customer demands. Using three-dimensional
(3D) printing technology, any bioreactor configuration can be created. Important bioreactor features such as impeller design and number and type of liquid and gas additions can be adapted to and optimized for particular cell lines and performance objectives.

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