Rapid Identification of Stable Biologic Candidates During Cell Line Development

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There’s no doubt that CHO cell lines are being pushed to their limits:

  • Newer and more complex biologic modalities have low expression yield

  • Dramatically higher concentration requirements of injectables

  • Larger market demands with increasing awareness of new biologics based therapies.

While advancements are being made, little has been done to characterize the physical stability of secreted antibodies from their inception during CHO cell line development. Scientists have been forced to stabilize biologics that were not designed with aggregation in mind from the ground up, often with limited success.

But that’s about to change.

Aura™ immunoassays with particle characterization bridge the gap between cell line development and developability to enable, for the first time, pre-screening for antibody stability once MAbs are secreted from CHO cells. Aura systems enable quick characterization of unfiltered cell lines samples through low-volume, high-throughput imaging, counting, sizing, and identification. Analyzing biologically complex cellular and protein samples present in CLD to characterize secreted protein stability has never been faster or more accurate. Aura PTx can quickly and accurately characterize secreted antibody stability during CHO CLD in unfiltered cell line samples.

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