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Process for Production of Oncolytic Adenovirus

Åsa Hagner-McWhirter

August 2, 2019

1 Min Read

GEHCP_Logo_USE_highres-300x109.jpgOncolytic viruses constitute a new promising therapeutic approach for treating cancer. These viruses selectively replicate in tumor cells and effectively kill those cells without harming normal cells. Selectively engineered, the viruses do not only destruct target tumor cells, but they also stimulate the host’s antitumor immune response.

Adenoviruses are extensively characterized, well-studied
viral vectors that infect both dividing and nondividing cells without the risk of integration into the host genome. Generally causing a mild nature of disease, adenoviruses are considered to be safe delivery vectors for gene therapy applications. Recently, oncolytic adenoviruses have been applied successfully as cancer immunotherapies or tumor vaccines. As one of the most studied vectors for experimental and clinical use, adenovirus serotype 5 (AdV5) is a suitable system for development of a process for oncolytic adenovirus production.

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