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Platform Purification of Clinical-Quality Bacteriophages

Pete Gagnon

August 3, 2019

1 Min Read

17-7-bia-figure-300x206.pngAntibiotics are unable to keep pace with infectious diseases, and the use of bacteriophages is a timely solution to that problem. But implementation of bacteriophages involves overcoming some challenges. Broad-spectrum clinical efficacy will require numerous phages. In turn, cost-effective development of purification procedures will require a platform approach in which one basic process can accommodate all species. That includes the ability to reduce endotoxins to appropriately low concentrations despite the high loads that occur in gram-negative production systems.

Monolithic chromatography media provide a combination
of high capacity, fast flow, and low shear stress to enable
process simplification and purification efficiency that cannot
be reproduced with any other media.

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