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Perfusion! Jeopardy or the Ultimate Advantage?

BPI Contributor

October 1, 2009

1 Min Read
Perfusion! Jeopardy or the Ultimate Advantage?

In the past, perfusion methods were known to have high failure rates, but improvements in the technology have made perfusion more reliable. With newly improved technology and equipment, perfusion is now an efficient manufacturing process with the ability to reduce the cost of goods and capital investment required to bring a drug to market. In this on-demand educational webcast, Dr. Jason N. Carstens of CMC Biologics discusses:

  • A Comparison Between Perfusion and Fed-Batch Methods

  • Detailed Description of Perfusion Operations

  • Advantages and Challenges of Perfusion

Join Dr. Carstens as he displaces old myths about perfusion and shows how this method of manufacturing can actually produce proteins that have more desirable product efficacy and safety profiles than would be possible with the fed-batch method.

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