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Novel Single-Use Systems Allow for Faster Powder Transfer and Higher Recovery Rates

Brendan Lucey

August 10, 2017

1 Min Read

ILC-DoverPac-Logo-VERTICAL-300x88.gifSingle-use powder containment is vital in today’s safety-focused manufacturing environment. Preventing product from cross-contamination and reducing airborne particulates is a major concern. Understanding how modern bag designs can increase safety and speed is essential for the industry. We looked at the ease of filling along with dispensing times and product loss. ILC Dover’s EZ BioPac® system shows a 71% decrease in filling times when measured against an industry-standard 2D bag. Because of the nonstatic film, we saw an almost 20% reduction in powder discharge times. In addition, it demonstrates a 33.3% improvement in powder recovery, showing reduced waste. Choosing the proper containment system can have a significant impact on plant productivity and profitability.

Issues of Powder Handling
Historically, powdered media and buffer ingredients were transferred from stock containers using open scoops, weighed and mixed in buckets, and then carried in and dumped from those buckets directly into production vessels — based on the premise that sterility wasn’t required at that early stage of manufacturing.

In recent years, manufacturers have recognized that the potential for cross-contamination when changing a line to different products is a major concern. Unfortunately, many early single-use solutions were simply adapted from liquid-handling systems already in use at the time and converted to handle powders. Such systems often have shortcomings inherent in the genesis of their designs.

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