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Nonaffinity-Based IgM Purification Platform

BioRad-poster_full-300x197.jpgThe biological properties of IgM antibodies make them very effective vehicles for in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics. However, purification of IgM antibodies is far more complex than that for IgG antibodies. Furthermore, affinity chromatography is not ideal for purifying IgMs due to the required elution conditions. Here we propose a nonaffinity-based platform for IgM purification. This strategy utilizes a cation exchange (CEX) media, Nuvia™ S, for capture, and a mixed-mode media, CHT™, for polish purification. It is suitable for purification of neutral and basic IgMs. We optimized the protocol with three different IgMs and present reduced PAGE images of the purified samples. This is an ongoing study and further optimization will be needed for other IgM molecules.

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