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New Data: A Better Way to Run CHO Cell Culture Experiments

BPI Contributor

February 25, 2021

20 Min View
New Data: A Better Way to Run CHO Cell Culture Experiments

Date: Feb 25, 2021

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast is no longer available.

This webcast features: Deborah Pascoe, PhD, Vice President of Operations, Culture Biosciences

The bench-scale bioreactor has been the workhorse of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell culture process development for decades. However, running benchtop bioreactors requires significant resources, infrastructure, and staffing. Tubing assembly, sterilization, calibration, and other setup activities can take hours to days. Tear down, cleaning, and deactivation are similarly burdensome. There are potentially large associated costs to prepare or purchase media, carry seed trains, and maintain facilities. Most critically, running bioreactors may be an inefficient use of staff hired to focus on innovation, experiment design, and complex data analysis — and not for daily sampling and monitoring trends. At the same time, consistent and expert laboratory operations remain essential to generating reproducible and reliable data.

To address these challenges, Culture Biosciences built a 250-mL bioreactor system that runs off site and in the cloud. Culture Biosciences’ high-throughput bioreactor infrastructure can reproducibly execute CHO cell culture experiments with scalable results. The data presented here should give confidence to upstream bioprocess engineers that Culture Biosciences’ cloud lab can be an effective resource for generating high-quality data to develop, optimize, and scale their cell culture processes. With access to more bioreactor capacity than ever before and advanced analytical software to generate insights faster, teams working with Culture Biosciences can spend more of their time focusing on what matters most: delivering quality bioproducts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about a more efficient way to run cell culture experiments

  • See data showing how Culture Biosciences built a scalable and reproducible 250-mL cloud bioreactor system for cell culture development

  • Find out how upstream bioprocess scientists can use Culture Biosciences’ bioreactor system and real-time data visualizations to get faster insights and get their product to market more quickly.

This webcast is no longer available.