New Antibody Formats on the Block: More Complex Modalities Demand Innovation in Manufacturing and Purification

Romain Dabre, Jonas Wege

September 3, 2021

1 Min Read

19-8-CR-Tosoh-Cover-222x300.pngSome of the latest, most promising therapeutic developments in the biologics industry use antibody fragments — either separate functional subunits of antibodies or recombinant molecules that are composed of immunoglobulin domains. The most popular fragments are antigen-binding fragments (Fabs), variable single-chain fragments (scFvs), diabodies, and nanobodies. Such molecules raise several advantages over their parent molecules for upstream production but pose several challenges for downstream purification. To facilitate antibody-fragment capture, Tosoh Bioscience has developed Toyopearl AF-rProtein L-650F resin. Its ligand uses a genetically optimized recombinant protein L that exhibits high chemical stability. By linking this ligand to the Toyopearl rigid methacrylic polymer backbone, Tosoh has produced a stable resin with high dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at high flow rates. It holds great promise in helping the biopharmaceutical industry to improve the efficiency of chromatographic capture steps for antibody fragments.

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