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Moving to the Next Level of Technology

BPI Contributor

November 1, 2009

1 Min Read
Moving to the Next Level of Technology

The protein manufacturing industry faces many challenges today – large stainless steel bioreactors cause downstream processing bottlenecks and come with a large footprint and high CAPEX. To address these challenges, DSM Biologics has developed the XD® Process Technology. This proprietary technology uses disposable systems to simplify the downstream process and lower CAPEX. In this on-demand webcast, Rolf Douwenga, Vice President of Global Research and Development for DSM Biologics, discusses:

  • Issues Facing Protein Manufacturing Industry

  • How DSM Addresses These Issues

  • In-depth Explanation of XD Process Technology

Join Douwenga as he details several case studies using XD Process Technology to enable a more flexible and simplified downstream process.

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