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Modernize Your Gene Therapy Analytics with Automated Tools from Bio-Techne

BPI Contributor

December 8, 2021

20 Min View
Modernize Your Gene Therapy Analytics with Automated Tools from Bio-Techne

Date: Dec 8, 2021

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Chris Heger, PhD, Director of Applications Science, Bio-Techne.

Modern medicines call for modern technologies. Gene therapy is an exciting approach at work to cure diseases, where genetic material is delivered to a patient via a viral vector. This approach requires a doubly complex drug that contains both protein and oligonucleotides, and existing analytical tools just don’t meet the quantitative needs of these complicated therapeutic agents.

In this webinar, hear how a variety of innovative analytical tools from Bio-Techne can support your gene therapy workflow from discovery to quality control and how they can address certain critical quality attributes of your therapeutic.

Learn how automated Simple WesternTM systems can streamline your Western blotting workflow, characterize capsid proteins by size (MW) or charge (pI) based techniques in complex sample types, and identify contaminant species with high sensitivity.

Learn how automated Maurice systems can also precisely characterize samples by size (MW) or charge (pI) using direct detection methods, how Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI) can assess particle contaminants in formulations, and how Ella (Simple PlexTM) can improve your ELISA-based protein detection methods.

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