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Measuring Ultra-High-Concentrated Proteins Using Single-Use Inline Process Control Solutions

Andreas Schroers

August 24, 2018

1 Min Read

optek_logo-300x179.jpgOptek-Danulat GmbH has been providing solutions for the bioprocessing industry for over 30 years. optek inline analyzers measure turbidity, UV-Vis-NIR absorbance, color, pH, and conductivity using innovative technologies for accurate and reliable results.

The Single-Use Cell System for Downstream Bioprocessing: optek’s single-use cell (S.U.C.) system consists of the disposable cell, a stainless-steel cell holder, proven optical sensors also used in conventional systems, and a converter capable of operating optical, pH, and conductivity sensors. The system is designed to optimize separation, purification, and concentration processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems. The single-use approach offers several significant advantages over conventional stainless-steel systems. Single-use systems eliminate the need for cleaning and validation and reduce cross contamination risks, leading to reduced down time between batches and improved productivity.

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