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MaxCyte® Flow Electroporation® for Gram-Scale Transient Antibody Production in CHO-S Cells

BPI Contributor

October 24, 2023

1 Min Read
MaxCyte<sup>®</sup> Flow Electroporation<sup>®</sup> for Gram-Scale Transient Antibody Production in CHO-S Cells

High efficiency, scalable electroporation of CHO cells with MaxCyte enables rapid gram-scale protein production, extending the potential use of transient gene expression throughout antibody development.

As the demand for therapeutic antibodies intensifies, methods for the rapid manufacture of high-quality protein are crucial. MaxCyte Flow Electroporation enables scalable and highly efficient transfection of clinically relevant cell lines producing grams of protein within two weeks. In this Application Note, we discuss some of the factors that are critical for high-yield transient gene expression and demonstrate that conditions optimized at a research scale can translate seamlessly to transfect up 2×1010 cells using the MaxCyte STxTM. MaxCyte equips you with the right tools, support and regulatory expertise to light the way on your journey to discovery.

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