Matrix: The Highly Automated Multibioreactor Solution That Fits to Your Bench Space, Bioprocessing Needs, and Budget

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17-11-12-Applikon-SR-Cover-Image-300x173.jpgTo improve their bioprocess performance, life-science specialists need flexibility in their R&D laboratories because of constantly changing bioprocessing demands. In addition, more experiments need to be performed with more accuracy and reproducibility on less bench space than ever before — and with limited budgets. Therefore, having flexibility in the number of bioreactors that fit available bench space and budget is crucial — along with the flexibility to connect and integrate the right software, sampling tools, and analytical devices. Running multiple processes in parallel allows operators to optimize their microbial or cell culture process conditions quickly and to increase their productivity with less effort.

Applikon’s Matrix multibioreactor platform is a turn-key solution that combines a bioreactor, a process controller, an automated sampler, and an analyzer with data management software into a single platform that offers a uniform and easy-to-operate interface for all connected equipment.

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