Magnetic Agitators Score on Climate Friendliness

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January 17, 2023

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Magnetic Agitators Score on Climate Friendliness

A major advantage of magnetically coupled agitators is the hermetic separation of the sterile vessel interior from the agitator motor. As no mechanical seal system is required, the risk of contamination entailed by such a system is avoided. There is no requirement to lubricate the seal and no need for energy-intensive pure steam condensate: a sign of the climate friendliness of magnetic mixing technology!

Elimination of steam lubrication reduces CO2 footprint
Steam generation requires a lot of energy, usually from the combustion of natural gas. Thus, it is not surprising that successful decarbonization strategies in the pharmaceutical industry aim to minimize steam volumes. In contrast to aseptic magnetic mixers, which do not require an external medium, mechanical seal mixers must be continuously supplied with steam condensate. This requires a considerable amount of energy, as the steam must be generated, cooled and condensed.

Therefore, the following question arises: what is the influence of the used agitator technology on the CO2 balance of a biopharmaceutical plant?

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