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Jérôme Chevalier

August 10, 2020

1 Min Read

Novasep-logo-300dpi-300x65.gifBiopharmaceutical companies are facing major challenges today, including rising drug manufacturing costs and lower production volumes related to unpredictable demands. To achieve the necessary reductions in both costs of goods (CoG) and infrastructure and operational costs, biopharmaceutical manufacturers integrate process intensification strategies into their production schemes.

Novasep has embedded specific features into its BioSC™ platform to enable and accelerate process intensification (two key examples being viral inactivation steps
management and in-line buffer preparation).

BioSC Predict, Exclusive Simulation and Optimization Software: BioSC Predict software facilitates and guides the switch from batch chromatography to optimized multicolumn chromatography. A deepened process understanding is becoming increasingly important to design a chromatographic separation method that consistently delivers high-quality products.

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