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Innovative Digital Tools Are Revolutionizing Biopharma

BPI Contributor

April 18, 2024

1 Min Read
ZETA EPCM Digital Loba

The industry is undergoing a digital transformation and is currently inundated with digital solutions that promise to yield the crucial added value. This wealth of options causes a lack of transparency as well as uncertainty in the industry, as decisions on CAPEX projects are expensive and have long-term effects.

The up-and-coming biotech company pharma& pursued a clear vision from the very beginning: its subsidiary Loba biotech, acting as a CDMO, is tasked with ensuring the global supply of a high-quality, indispensable drug in an unrealistically short time frame.

ZETA is an EPCM expert for fast-track projects and knows how to speed up the implementation of complex CAPEX projects. As a pioneer in the industry, ZETA began developing a digital platform early on that revolutionized the entire process of the project – from engineering and design, to construction, automation, and qualification, all the way through to start-up. The success of the digital SES (Smart Engineering Services) platform was once again demonstrated in the Loba biotech project, where the project time could be cut in half thanks to this approach.

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