Innovations in Single-Use Technology Help Advance Downstream Processing

BPI Contributor

October 13, 2022

1 Min Read
Innovations in Single-Use Technology Help Advance Downstream Processing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe are trying to rapidly expand their production capacity to meet the growing demand for new therapies. A key challenge they face is to scale that expansion cost-effectively while protecting the quality and integrity of their production processes.

One way they are achieving this growth is through expanded use of single-use systems (SUS). This informative new Avantor® Technical Article details several ways SUS technology can help improve throughput and productivity in key downstream processes that routinely require fluid handling and transfer. The article also examines key design considerations and techniques for SUS devices such as hose assemblies, including the importance of understanding fluid pathways and flow rates and incorporating those insights into hose assembly designs. In addition, the value of quality-by-design (QBD) practices is discussed, and how those practices play a critical role in ensuring that single-use systems meet each biomanufacturer’s unique specification and application requirements.

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