Improving AAV Manufacturing Processes: Using Design of Experiments and Fit-for-Purpose Transfection Reagents

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21-7-8-CR-Polyplus-Cover-Border-230x300.pngWhen evaluating a new process for viral vector manufacturing, you may be wondering what the best path forward is to save time and resources while ensuring to produce enough data to support the robustness of your future manufacturing and scale-up.

Polyplus® free of charge DoE service is the combination of our expertise in the field of nucleic acid delivery and in DoE methodology to support you through the evaluation of our transfection reagents. As each process is different, this service helps to choose optimal conditions for transfection experiments with Polyplus® FectoVIR®-LV, FectoVIR®-AAV and PEIpro® transfection reagents. We aim to help you cut down time and cost of process development to decrease cost per dose of treatment and improve patient access to ATMPs.

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