IDT Biologika on the major role of oncolytic viruses in CGT development

IDT Biologika is specializes in the Manufacturing of cell & gene therapeutics including oncolytic viruses and viral vectors.

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March 31, 2023

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IDT Biologika on the major role of oncolytic viruses in CGT development

IDT Biologika is a globally operating biopharmaceutical CDMO that specializes in the Contract Development and Manufacturing of cell & gene therapeutics including oncolytic viruses and viral vectors, and innovative vaccines.

Through the utilization of our innovative technologies, we help our clients to advance their prophylactic and therapeutic products to treat serious diseases that impact human health worldwide.

Learn more how IDT Biologika can advance your Cell & Gene Therapy projects by the following two articles:


Bringing vector-based products to market

Since the start of their development only 20 years ago, viral vectors have significantly altered the pharmaceutical industry. Most developers still face many hurdles in taking a vector-based treatment from lab to commercial scale. That is why companies must turn to CDMOs to bring vector-based products to market.

In this latest article, IDT Biologika’s former Chief Science Officer Andreas Neubert, Ph.D., discusses the advancements of the viral vector market, including:

  • The value and potential viral vectors provide to the industry and patients.

  • A change in equipment and expertise that is needed for successful viral vector development.

  • How IDT Biologika has expanded capability and capacity for developing and scaling up vector-based therapies with great success.

Read more about the special needs of viral vector products, what differentiates them from other vaccine technologies, and how IDT Biologika’s century-long track record in vaccines and biologics manufacturing assures product quality and helps smooth the regulatory approvals process.

The potential of oncolytic viruses

Our second article describes that oncolytic viruses (OVs) have the potential to become a very important pillar in the treatment of cancer because of their dual mechanism killing infected cancer cells and triggering anticancer immune response to also destroy uninfected cancer cells. This motivates researchers continually optimize oncolytic viral vectors to further improve their safety, efficacy as well as manufacturability for a commercial scale-up. As biopharmaceutical manufactures just begin to explore the prospect of OV-based therapies, the need for contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) with experience in viral design, regulatory needs and production of these viruses is more important than ever.

Since OVs belong to different virus families such as pox-, paramyxo-, adenovirus and herpesviridae, which requires specialized knowledge and expertise in viral vector and process design, the engagement with a manufacturing partner with a proven track record is critical to ensure success as defined by high virus yield, reproducible key quality attributes, genetic stability and long product stability. At IDT Biologika the approach of process design and scale-up of oncolytic vector production is well defined and begins with the selection of cell lines for adherent or suspension culture growth, optimization of media and buffers, cell lysis and purification of viral vectors which often requires aseptic manufacturing for larger viruses which cannot undergo sterile filtration.

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