How Capacitance Measurement Can Improve Viral Vector and Virus-Based Vaccine Production

Aditya Bhat

April 23, 2021

1 Min Read

19-4-CR-Aber-224x300.pngWith the increasing development of viral vector and virus-based vaccines, technologies that help to manufacture and scale up these types of vaccine quickly and cost-effectively have become more critical. By accessing this special report from Aditya Bhat, a capacitance technology expert at Aber Instruments, you will find out how in-line capacitance measurement can produce a detailed fingerprint of cell culture processes and how that can benefit vaccine production. From case studies involving baculovirus, AAV, and measles, you will discover why using capacitance can help determine the optimum harvest time and increase maximum virus concentration to produce more vaccine doses using smaller bioreactors. Finally, you will also learn how you could use capacitance as a key process indicator for improving scale-up success to reduce the costs and timelines of your viral vector and virus-based vaccine production.

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