Highly Efficient Capture of Low Titer Fusion Molecule With Novel Protein A Membrane

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June 22, 2023

20 Min View
Highly Efficient Capture of Low Titer Fusion Molecule With Novel Protein A Membrane

Date: Jun 22, 2023

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Florian Knoll, Scientist, Bibitec GmbH.

Over the last decades, innovations have led to rapid development and growth in biopharmaceutical production, which has gone hand in hand with the urgent need for new medicines and treatments for today’s increasingly fast-growing society.

In particular, upstream processing has benefited from new technologies in recent years, enabling high titers of therapeutic antibodies and antibody related products in the order of several kilograms. Therefore, downstream processing must now catch up to ensure purification quality, throughput, and productivity to meet the rapidly growing market.

To accelerate purification and circumvent the current bottlenecks in bed-based chromatography, membrane chromatography represents a promising alternative in future downstream processes. Due to their natural characteristics, membrane adsorbers can be operated at higher flow velocities, allowing for increased throughput and thus faster purification.

In addition, accelerated purification paves the way for faster process development, enabling new therapeutics to enter the market quickly, which can satisfy demand while reducing costs. For this reason, a game changing novel protein A-based membrane adsorber, Sartobind Rapid® A, has been invented by Sartorius. Its properties and performance have been characterized as part of the development of a capture step for an innovative antibody fusion protein.

This webinar is intended to provide an overview of critical process parameters such as binding capacity, purification efficiency, and productivity.

The general handling in small and scaled up processes as well as the benefits of this membrane adsorber compared to bead-based chromatography material will be highlighted. An outlook will be given on how other processes may benefit from this new product.

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