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Gram-Scale Transient Antibody Production and Stable Cell Line Generation Using Flow Electroporation™ Technology

MAXCYTE-New-Logo-2016-300x46.gifMaxCyte’s delivery platform is a universal, high-performance transfection technology that significantly reduces risk and shortens biotherapeutic development timelines by enabling researchers to

  • Perform early-stage development in the biomanufacturing host cell to ensure identification of high quality, biorelevant candidates

  • Expand the use of transient transfection for faster candidate identification

  • Make rapid and more informed go/no-go decisions through in-depth candidate characterization using transiently produced materials, thus reducing investments associated with stable cell line generation

  • Expedite the transition to biomanufacturing through improved stable cell line generation.

Gram-Scale Production of Quality Antibodies: MaxCyte’s Flow Electroporation™ technology is a fully scalable, high efficiency means of transiently producing milli- to multigram quantities of antibodies in the host cell line-of-choice without the need for specialized reagents, vectors, or engineered cell lines. CHO cell transfection efficiencies and cell viabilities of >95% enable rapid, high-titer expression of antibodies (Figure 1) and antibody-like molecules. The high level of antibody quality in combination with the seamless scalability and regulatory pathway of MaxCyte’s delivery platform uniquely fulfill the needs of R&D activities through CGMP pilots and toxicology studies.

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