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halo-222x300.pngAnalyzing for viable cells using traditional methods such as flow cytometry often encounters clogging resulting in the loss of precious cell therapy samples. Not only is it low throughput, but incredibly complicated, which can lead researchers to misidentify cellular and non-cellular material and confuse cell viability results with product-purity issues. Additionally, it is a regulatory requirement for all injectable drug products be characterized for sub visible particles (SVP) and aggregates that may form during a manufacturing process.

With Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) and Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM), Aura CL performs cell viability assays with definitive cell identification for 96 40-μL samples in about an hour. Without any effort, Aura CL can identify and quantitate non-cellular particles, protein and cellular debris, viable and non-viable T cells. Aura CL empowers users who need to characterize SVPs in cell therapies.

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