Financial Benefits of Off-Site Prefabricated Cleanroom Infrastructures

Maik W. Jornitz

August 27, 2021

1 Min Read

19-7-8-GCON-LOGO-300x90.jpgTraditional cleanroom infrastructures, gypsum, or monolithic wall panels have been used in the past with varying success and benefit. One of the most often proclaimed benefits is the cost of those on-site built structures. Characteristically, the cost quoted at the beginning of a construction project seems to be attractive, but construction estimates are not better than ±50% at feasibility (preconcept) and ±25% at end of conceptual design. Given the above accuracy ranges, industry surveys establish that in most cases, the cost proposal is not met with traditional builds. Those types of cost-control variations cause major problems with budgeting and funding projects. That is because the funding value is either inflated to allow for cost variation (with the risk funding not approved) or another round of funding is needed mid-project. Both are undesirable scenarios. Off-site prefabricated cleanroom infrastructures enable robust cost budgeting because the resource and material loads are well defined and known. Accuracy of the estimated cost of the project is much better than it is with traditionally built projects. Typically, the initial cost quoted is held, making the funding approach much more realistic and reliable.


Figure 1: Financial analysis of the three cleanroom infrastructure modalities of a 4 × 2,000-L monoclonal antibody site

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