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Figure 1: Endotoxin reduction efficiency of PURAFIX ET-R1 and ET-R2; filter sheets (21 cm2) were challenged with a PBS solution of 3 L, spiked with 5000 EU/mL.

PURAFIX ET-R depth-filter sheets are used for efficient and economical reduction of endotoxins from pharmaceutical liquids. Removal of endotoxins is one of the most important and challenging steps in biopharmaceutical processes. Endotoxins — more
precisely, lipopolysaccharides (LPS) — are extremely heat and pH stable and therefore withstand sterilization. Purification usually is performed by applying chromatography as a polishing step, which is costly and time consuming. By reducing endotoxin load at an early stage of a clarification process, subsequent purification steps are less challenging, and higher throughputs can be achieved, resulting in cost and time savings.

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